AJAY KUMAR VAIDH Ji is presently directing the Institute of Astronomical Sciences in Delhi” N H M C” for last many years with the output of very positive results on various types of patients. He has decades of experience in the field of various categories of healings with the focus on Vastu Shasta, every time.

After getting through his Graduation from Delhi University, he obtained the certification of advance Reiki healer and became the Master Reiki healer. Because of his keen interest in Astronomical studies he exposed himself in various fields such as Dowsing, and various forms of healings and Tarot card reading. Hypnosis and Past time regressions have also been his most spoken fields of positive results on patients with different ailments.

With the time to go and further rigorous expertise in various fields of Astrology, he became the Grand master in Astronomical Sciences and finally got the mastery in Vastu Shasta. As a great breakthrough, considering the needs of today’s aspirants, He has started the Specialized Unit to provide the Degree course of “ASSOCIATE GRAND MASTERSHIP IN ASTRONOMICAL SCIENCES” in the heart of South Delhi. He has the key knowledge of Magnified healings. Ajay Kumar Vaidh ji felt in depth, about the betterment of the students concerning various fields of Mystic sciences and started writing his own books to impart better and enhanced outputs.

He has vision to extend his valuable help not to all the concerned students but even the schools and colleges concerned with the same type of studies.