Nisha Singla is an Inner work specialist & a certified Theta healing® Instructor. She owns Cosmicx Healing Art- (Delhi/ NCR) as a healing center that provides many healing facilities both in-person & online. As a trained Reiki Master and Theta healing® expert, she specializes in healing & clearing anxiety, fears, phobias, anger, stress, depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, lack of expression, relationship healing, grief, loss, pain healing, healing body, mind & soul by clearing negative subconscious beliefs, programs & feelings. Nisha Singla is trained in various healing modalities with international certifications from Germany & THInK USA. She completed her formal education in 2002 with a PGDBM in marketing & HR.

Her quest to find meaningful ways to live started in 2002. She came across books on Osho & J. Krishnamurti which opened her heart & mind to search for a deeper meaning of life. Since then, she started her spiritual journey in this life to make life better & worth living. In her journey to understand herself, she went through many intense spiritual experiences and deep inner transformation to realize that life has much more meaning than just solving our issues. She learned many healing techniques to know the different paths that life offers to each one of us. Now after lifetimes of spiritual austerity, she has attained a level of consciousness that allows her to heal and bring transformations in the soul of a person. Her work is dedicated to the in-depth inner acceptance of your true essence and your true purpose of existence. The purpose that can go beyond one life. She assists people in their spiritual journey by being a mentor, teacher, and healer. And offer healing support when faced with inner demons. Her sessions are for intense healing & changes in self.

Everyone strives to have a good life. To have that one must understand the level of good they are ready to experience. Every positive & negative experience has something to teach. When people understand this the healing is faster & permanent, bringing transformation. But understanding this takes forever. Healing offers clarity in approaching different situations of life with a more positive outlook. Nisha Offers these changes in her sessions & classes with ease & grace offered by the Divine.