I am an Electronics Engineer. from IIT Delhi. I worked in the Semi Conductor industry, hence forth I started my own venture with two of my friends from IIT. We started from a garage in 1975 and within years we near 300 employees working with us.

In the year  2007, an inner calling attracted me towards Inner journey and I met my Guruji, who handheld me showed me the path towards spirituality. I moved from being a businessman to a simple being. I invested my time and dived into knowing more about the OTHER WORLD-the Supreme Power.

I learnt that, We do not live to our fulfilment and as per our true potential.

Today, I guide and help people to over come their shortcomings and challenges gracefully. I am primarily conduct PLR (Past Life Regression)sessions, CDT (Cognitive Drill Therapy), ABC (Accessing Body Consciousness) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).