Muthi me mere Ram….

I am a listener. I enjoy the silence and the many sounds of silence. I am a passionate observer too. I snatch the moments from the rush of speed, I hear the unsaid, feel the spirits whispering and relish the blessings.

One of these moments was shared by a kid at heart, a free spirited man.

I met him at the cross roads where fear met the strength. He shared one of his lonely moments when he was scared too. He was the responsible elder son of the clan who carried the hopes of his family, especially his mother’s. The boy who always knew that he was being followed to lead him to follow the light. He felt the unseen presence and witnessed the grace. He kept this secret closed in his heart in a treasure box written ‘Contain’.

His eyes opened up when he shared this- whenever he got really scared, he would write ’RAM’ in his hand and would just close it to form the fist. This carried the strength to each and every veins and arteries of his body, mind and soul. He always felt connected, strong and calm.That very instant, I felt the power and breathed the fragrance of the presence of the ALL.

Krishna is passion, success, strength, compassion, giver and peace….

Author: Aumtara