Rudraksha (Part 1)- An introduction

I happened to watch a Youtube video on the origin and significance of Rudraksha and thought of sharing some of the profound and meaningful insights I got from it here, on this spiritual platform. This podcast features Sukritya Khatiwada, a third generation Rudraksha expert who also is the owner of the company Nepa Rudraksha and the podcast has been hosted by Keerthistory.

According to Hindu Puranas, Rudraksha is the only tool manifested by Shiva himself for the spiritual transformation of humans.  It is believed to be on this earth from the very beginning and is also one of the most powerful tools used for Sadhana, Mantra Jaap and various religious rituals. It is also considered beneficial if worn on the body as a mala (string or necklace) or even a bracelet.

Rudraksha are basically seeds of a tree called Elaeocarpus ganitrus which grows in select locations of South-East Asia, specifically in Nepal, Indonesia and India. The Rudraksha from Nepal are considered to be the purest of all. The name ‘rudraksha’ also means ‘Tears of Shiva’ as in ‘Rudra’ meaning Shiva and ‘Aksha’ meaning eyes.

Rudraksha can be classified according to the number of ‘mukhis’ or faces they have. The ‘mukhis’ of the Rudraksha can range from one to twenty-nine and as the ‘mukhi’ progresses the rarity of Rudraksha increases.

According to Hindu Puranas the origin of Rudraksha is linked directly to Shiva. It is believed that in the beginning of time there was an Asura (demon) know as Tripura who was very feared. The Holy Trinity of Hinduism very extremely intent on killing this Asura. When Brahma tried to kill Tripura, He failed and when Vishnu tried and He needed assistance, so they wanted to invoke Shiva now.

Shiva meditated for thousands of years for this with his eyes open and manifested a weapon known as Aghora weapon. Through this manifestation when the Aghora weapon came alive in His eyes, a tear of joy dropped from Shiva’s eye and that is where Rudraksha originated. Therefore, Rudraksha is believed to be the manifestation of Shiva for the betterment of humanity.

According to Hinduism, our life exists in cycles where we carry our karmic debts from various births. Ultimately, we are all moving towards our Moksha or Mukti (redemption). Rudraksha is considered to be a revered and potent tool that aids in going through our karmic cycles in life and also helps anyone on a journey of spiritual transformation.

Rudraksha also helps in bringing about karmic change within us by activating our energies that move us towards doing our karma (duty). Rudraksha helps in disciplining ourselves.

Although Rudraksha can be worn by anyone belonging to any religious belief or gender but, according to Devi Bhagavada Purana, it is mentioned, that the inclination to wear a rudraksha always comes from within.  It is important for us to be in dialogue with our inner Brahma or inner voice to identify if we need the energies of the Rudraksha on the spirit level or not.

Anyone, at any phase of life, can wear a Rudraksha, may it be a male or a female. Rudrakshas come in different forms and each Rudraksha has specific healing and manifestation characteristics. All rudrakshas have positive energy and can be used for various spiritual and astrological benefits depending upon its characteristics.

We must perceive Rudraksha as a blessing of Lord Shiva and never be afraid or fearful of its energies.

Author: Aumtara