Rudraksha (Part 2): Different kinds and its benefits

Rudraksha, meaning the ‘Tears of Shiva’, possesses great mystical powers and can help in healing you emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. It brings about spiritual awakening by bringing us closer to our inner Divine.

As we discussed in the earlier part of our series on Rudraksha that it is the only tool of manifestation created by Lord Shiva himself for the betterment and spiritual development of humanity. There are many benefits of a Rudraksha and different rudrakshas can be used to heal and strengthen different aspects spiritually.

There are in all 21 kinds of rudrakshas categorised on the basis of the mukhis or faces they have. They start from one-mukhi and go up to 21-mukhi rudraksha.

Let us see which rudraksha can benefit us in what way:

Kind of RudrakshaRuling planet/deityHow it benefits
One-Mukhi Rudraksha Ruled by Lord Shiva,
Very rare to find,
The wearer of this moon shaped
Rudraksh is blessed by Lord Shiva
Helps attain super-consciousness,
mental peace and superior
concentration, helpful in curing
migraines, depression and distractions.
Two-Mukhi RudrakshaRepresented by the Ardhanarishwara,
ruled by the planet Moon
Brings peace and harmony,
especially beneficial for married
couples, helps in curing emotional
instability, fear and insecurity, brings happiness and fulfilment.
Three-Mukhi Rudraksha Ruled by the planet MarsHelps break the karmic bondages
of the past lives. Releases stress,
anger and helps in regaining
self-esteem, Cures stomach ailments
while strengthening immunity.
Four-Mukhi Rudraksha Ruled by MercuryEnhances communication skills,
improves intelligence and mental
and vocal power 
Six-Mukhi Rudraksha Ruled by Mars and Lord KartikeyaHelps pacify ill effects of Mangal,
used as a remedy for Mangal Dosha,
brings emotional stability and strengthens
will power.
Seven-Mukhi Rudraksha Represented by Goddess Laxmi and ruled by the planet VenusBrings luck and freedom from financial
problems, helps in progression of a
person’s name, fame and abundance
Eight-Mukhi Rudraksha Ruled by Ketu and the deity associated with this is Lord GaneshaEliminates any obstacles in the path of your success and blesses with
knowledge, wisdom and wealth.
Nine-Mukhi Rudraksha Ruled by Goddess Durga
and its governing planet is Rahu
Symbolises energy, power and
fearlessness, protects from
evil eye and is known to give Bhoga
i.e. desire fulfilment and Moksha
i.e. liberation 
Ten-Mukhi Rudraksha Lord Krishna is its deity Used to irradicate the ill-effects of
all or any of the nine planets,
Brings success in court cases, property
disputes and financial losses.
Eleven-Mukhi Rudraksha Blessed by Lord Hanuman
and is ruled by the planet Mars
Helps develop self-discipline and
leadership skills, higher consciousness, fearlessness, wisdom, right judgement
and self-control
Twelve-Mukhi Rudraksha Ruled by the Sun Helps in achieving our higher potential,
Brings name, fame and power,
develops self-motivating abilities,
reduces stress, anger, suspicion and
Thirteen-Mukhi Rudraksha Ruled by Venus and the MoonEffective in activating the kundalini,
strengthens the power of attraction
while taking his/her will power and determination to its peak.
Fourteen-Mukhi Rudraksha or
Deva Mani
Ruled by Mars and SaturnInvokes the powers of Lord Hanuman,
giving us brevity, courage, strong
will power and all other qualities
possessed by Lord Hanuman
Fifteen-Mukhi Rudraksha Ruled by planet Mercury and associated deity is PashupatiNath ji
Heals the Heart Chakra and helps
you have healthier relationships,
Helps in wealth generation
and knowledge
Sixteen-Mukhi Rudraksha  Ruled by the Moon and Mahamritunjaya Shiva

Nullifies the ill-effects of moon, gives emotional stability and practicality, wards away fears and insecurities
Seventeen-Mukhi Rudraksha Ruled by SaturnBlesses with health, wealth, spiritual growth and leadership qualities, enhances mental clarity making a person a good decision-maker.
Eighteen-Mukhi Rudraksha Ruled by planet Earth and is blessed by the divine wife of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Bhumi Devi.Helps with wish-fulfilment through power, wealth and success, considered to
enhance a wearer’s luck.
Nineteen-Mukhi Rudraksha 
Ruled by planet Mercury  Its wearer will get overall fulfilment in his/her life, also beneficial in attracting
a life partner
Twenty-Mukhi Rudraksha and also known as
Brahma Swaroop
Blessed by the BrahmaBlessed by all the nine planets and
brings the wearer immense knowledge
and wisdom.
Twenty-One Mukhi RudrakshaRuled by Kuber, the
God of wealth
Rarest among all rudrakshas,
removes obstacles from the wearer’s
life and is known to increase wealth 
Author: Aumtara