It is one of the oldest spiritual and healing practices which is still existing in the present time. It is presumed that the practice of Shamanism dates back to approximately one million years in indigenous cultures of Tunga tribes in Siberia and other places like Native America, Mongolia, Central America, India etc. around the world.

Shamans undertake spiritual journeys and travel across the three worlds- Lower world where the stones, plants and animal kingdom survive, Upper world where the masters, guides, gods, goddesses and angels reside. Shamans travel across the worlds for reclaiming power, seek information, protection, guidance and healing and assist clients to live fully and completely in the Middle world which is the Earth Reality. Shamans journey to altered states of consciousness to connect with the spirit world and receive guidance or healing for individuals, the community and the environment.

Shamanism worship the five elements and bring and retain the balance between all the five elements and the living and Non- living beings. For them everything is alive. They heal the soul, the spirit, the body, emotions and the ancestors.

Shamanism is an individual path and do not follow any Gurudom. They believe that each soul is on an individual journey yet the collective conscious is important to understand the growth and sustenance. They visualize and it is said that a shaman sees with his closed eyes. They have various rituals to perform the healing. They go on the internal journey along with the drum beats and return in a given time.

After regular practice of Shamanism for 7years only a practitioner be called a ‘Shaman’.

Author: Aumtara