A spiritual awakening is really coming back to yourself, and it’s an awareness of a new reality, and who you truly are. You’ll feel called to uncover the true meaning and purpose of life, and once you start, there’s no real going back.

There is a difference between Spiritual Awakening and enlightenment.
Spiritual awakening comes or grows with each passing day and spiritual experiences are very subjective and have a deeply personal resonance for each one of us.
Spiritual Awakening happens gradually, subtly and it leads us towards enlightenment.

Spirituality means having a belief or sense of being part of something that is greater than our own self, that we are part of some greater whole which is divine and cosmic in nature. Realisation of a higher purpose in life rather than just experiencing human life in its temporal form, is the junction where our spiritual journey begins.

Spiritual Awakening is a human’s experience of waking up to the realisation and experience of her/himself as a spiritual being. We mostly and certainly think of ourselves as only humans, a mind occupying a body. But the truth is we are just playing a part now. We actually are divine beings here on this earth for a brief span of time just to have earthly experiences before returning “home”.

Spiritual Awakening is our call to the higher consciousness and a state of deeper mental awareness. It connects us back to our original, unadulterated self. This ‘waking up’ as we may call it, can happen on a mental level or even on a more ethereal level with many people. Each one goes through an awakening in their own ways.

Spiritual Awakening is a transformation of the mind, body and spirit. With an awakening comes about a change in our perception, the way we view the world. Our inner being, our mindset, our emotional sense, all go through a major shift while connecting to the Divine. Even physically, our body is not left unaffected by this major shift of energy within us. Our body is also extremely involved in the process of awakening and goes through both subtle and extraordinary changes. A spiritual awakening is a process of rebirth on a soul level, mental level and bodily level, a metamorphosis.

There can be several factors leading us to a spiritual awakening. It could be a life changing event, loss/death of a loved one, a broken relationship, a separation or divorce, a serious illness, a traumatic experience or a near-death experience which might cause a major shift in our consciousness. A mental health crisis, an existential or even a midlife crisis can be a waking up call for us. At times, for many of us, it could simply be a subtle, more gradual shift towards a higher calling without any clear catalyst. Our beginnings could be varied, our paths could be different, but our destination is the same – oneness with the Divine.

Spiritual Awakening is accompanied by some physical, mental and emotional signs and symptoms other than the changes we experience at spirit level. Let us see what these symptoms or signs look like:

  • Feeling cut off from the world, a deep sense of loneliness.
  • Experiencing synchronicities e.g. thinking of someone from the past and then running into them shortly thereafter, Déjà vu.
  • Intense bursts of energy, feeling full of energy as we are undergoing a transformation on an energy level.
  • Having a higher sense of intuition, being able to sense manipulation and fakeness,
  •  Changes in body, eating habits and lifestyle. For some, they might feel an increase in appetite and for other appetite may decrease significantly. One might experience symptoms like flu (vibrational flu), digestive issues and bloating.
  • Feeling heart palpitations which is a simple anxiety reaction owing to the range of changes one is going through at different levels of mind, body and spirit.
  • New sleep patterns, from feeling sleepless at nights due to exhilaration or heightened energy, to nights where you simply dose off for more than 8 hours as your body is healing itself from all the toxicity.
  • Becoming empathic and sensitive with each passing day, being able to feel others’ emotions, their intentions and sadness.
  • Developing a desire to give back to the society, be of service to others, foster unconditional love inside us for all animals, humans and living beings.
  • Feeling more connected to nature on a deeper level, experiencing a sense of calm in natural surroundings.

While going through a spiritual awakening practices like meditation, mindfulness and nurturing our connect with nature, plants and animals can promote a deeper sense of self-awareness and facilitate our spiritual journey.

Author: Aumtara