Synchronicities (part 2): Types of Synchronicities

Albert Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” In that context synchronicities are very important because they are a personal proof that reality is sometimes malleable, unstable and sensitive to our consciousness Synchronicities show us that this world behaves more like a collective dream or a Matrix like simulation than an independent physical construction.

Quantum Physics has shown us that physical events are determined my metaphysical factors. The observer, by the act of observing determines matter. Similarly, the reality of this material universe takes shape through our consciousness and synchronicities are a direct manifestation of this fact.

Let us now discuss the different types of synchronicities we may encounter so that we can easily recognise them when they occur:

  1. Warning or Alert Synchronicity: These synchronicities occur just before a stressful or decisive event in our lives. There are times when a situation that involves a significant decision that can alter our destiny is approaching and we have multiple options we are considering, then several alternative timelines emerge as considerable possibilities. What might seem like a simple decision can lead to a huge change in our lives. In such situations, synchronicities may appear as warning signs or alerts so that we may not end up on the wrong side of life. It could be our car breaking down suddenly while we are rushing to go n sign an important work agreement. The whole meeting gets cancelled just for us to discover that the company on the other side of the agreement has a bad reputation in the market and we are saved somehow due to the delay.   
  2. Confirmation Synchronicities: These synchronicities often accompany crucial moments in our lives that represent our personal growth and spiritual transformation. These synchronicities confirm that we are on the right path and help us choose from the options available to us, by guiding or directing us. When we are faced with the possibility for our growth and expansion of our consciousness, positive timelines are presented to us. Our psyche or essence has a powerful affinity to these positive timelines. But there are times when, due to several factors such as our fears, insecurities, our ego etc, we disconnect from our psyche or essence and are unable to align with opportunities that can lead us towards our life purpose. In such situations, synchronicities may arise to propel us towards these positive timelines by validating and endorsing these opportunities, compelling us to reconsider our decisions and choose the correct course.
  3. Prophetic Synchronicities: Also known as signs, prophecies or omens are symbolic messages sent at significant moments. These signs can appear in our daily lives repeatedly like repeating numbers which hold some personal significance for you, a dream that might have a meaningful message for you at that time. They can serve to confirm recent decisions you’ve made or as warnings about possible dangers in your life. These symbolic messages are not always evident and have to be interpreted like we interpret dreams. These signify the connection between our waking reality and the dream world and the divine world.
  4. Manifestation Synchronicity: When you see or hear something that physically manifests as a result of a though or desire you previously had is a manifestation synchronicity. For e.g. thinking about someone and then meeting them suddenly later in the day or needing something specifically and getting/finding it when you want it the most…it could be a premonition (your mind registering a future event) or your thought that generated it. Both possibilities are equally valid but when our thoughts directly influence the reality, we call it manifestation synchronicity. That is how the law of attractions works. Our thought triggers a future event through our subconscious externally manifesting the reflection of our thoughts.
  5. Opportunity Synchronicities: They are the perfect combination of preparation and opportunity. These synchronicities are opportunities that come at the right time to get us out of difficult situations or to open new paths in our lives. Although they may seem unlikely, but they fit naturally and effortlessly as if they were part of a perfectly designed plan. Such opportunities fill us with joy and relief and intuitively feel right with almost no resistance or friction. Everything fits smoothly as if there were a natural harmony between synchronicity and our life.

Synchronicities can be incorporated in our daily lives by inculcating sensitive awareness in ourselves, which is a fundamental. By paying attention to seemingly insignificant small details in our daily lives that otherwise could go unnoticed, such as recurring themes in conversations, symbols that repeatedly appear around us, we could recognise the possibility of synchronic events trying to communicate with us.

The surest way to unlock synchronicities is to step out of our comfort zone and open ourselves to new experiences. By learning to identify synchronicities and decipher their hidden messages we can synchronise with the universal flow and our higher self, attracting into our lives what we desire, in complete harmony.

Author: Aumtara