Synchronicities: What are they

In our daily lives, we experience some strange co-incidences which could be both fascinating and intriguing at the same time. For e.g. you think of someone and end up running into that person, or maybe you are thinking of a destination to go to, and someone spontaneously mentions it in a conversation, or perhaps you had a significant dream that later came true. If you think about these events, would you say these are mere co-incidences or something with a deeper, bigger meaning?

While some events are random, often some of these extraordinary co-incidences that we experience are laden with meaning, creating a profound and mystical sensation as if the universe is trying to communicate with us  . These are helpful signs from the universe that point us in the direction of our highest good. These signs are known as synchronicities.

The term Synchronicity was coined by the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, and it occurs when our brain makes connections across space and time.

Carl Jung explains, “What I found while investigating this phenomenon thoroughly, were co-incidences that were connected so significantly, that their chance occurrence would represent such a degree of improbability that it would have to be expressed through an astronomical figure.” He explored how what could appear more random and chance could have a deeper and more transcendental meaning suggesting that there is a connection between our consciousness and the universe.

Our inner psyche and the external environment are linked in ways that go beyond the conscious comprehension of our mind. So often our external world mirrors what is happening in our internal world. Synchronicities help us understand the power of our mind beyond our understanding, just like in our dreams our mind speaks to us or even connects with the minds of others across time and space. Imagine you are thinking of a friend you haven’t spoken to for the last 10 years, and you suddenly get a message from them, this “co-incidence” then makes you take this occurrence seriously and you intentionally start to reconnect with your friend from past.

Looking at synchronicities from a spiritual point of you, we can certainly infer that these are a form of divine guidance. Synchronicity suggests that there is something in the universe that is interested in our development and something that understands what is lacking in our conscious view, and then the entire universe becomes a beautiful mechanism to remind us of our wholeness.

Our spiritual guides regularly speak to us by sending us synchronicities to propel us on the path of healing and growth. We can receive practical guidance in any aspect of our lives through our spiritual guides via synchronicities.

Synchronicity informs you primarily through intuition and emotion. External synchronicities come to us through our soul, our spirit guides and our internal intuition and they are there to help us align with our higher self, our life purpose.

As Mark Holland, the co-author of Synchronicity says, “The primary reality of synchronicity is emotional, not intellectual. The reason they are there is to make us feel something, and the feeling that our lives are rich and worth our reflection, comes in part from our sense of depth and mystery of life.”

The most important thing that synchronicities offer in our lives is the feeling of awe, wonder and astonishment! After all, how often, in the course of a day, week, month or year do we feel awestruck, flabbergasted, pleasantly shocked and amazed by life and its finesse!

Author: Aumtara