The Naked Soul

In my nakedness I saw bruises.

The fresh wounds hurting still

Permanent scars to stay forever

In my nakedness I found myself

I now see the beauty in those bruises of betrayals.

emotions in wounds. learning in scars.

I now feel safe through all of them, as when I see my naked body,

I ace the blessing through the silver lining.

To cross over is my burning desire.

I see the magnificence of the body and feel the brilliance of the soul now.

I sense the courage of the spirit to live and thrive

I am secured to unclothe my soul to live as I am. free. flowing and being.

Nothing remains to conceal as all are revealed

to confirm the grace of the ALL

Nothing remains to veil as the soul chooses to heal.

I am one with myself in that nakedness

I have embraced with gratitude to grace !


Author: Aumtara